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40 JavaScript lightbox scripts(included jQuery and MooTools)

By: OSH Editorial    In: Javascript MooTools Prototype Script.aculo.us jQuery


More an more sites are using(or going to use) JavaScript(library or plain) on there website(s). You probably dont see much of these javascript pieces, but one cool piece of JavaScript cant be missed, and it’s called a lightbox.

A JavaScript ligthbox is a fast growing way to present in a nice way an images or something else like inline html, video or an external site without opening a new window. In the old days most images(or other content) where presented in a new tab/window, which isn’t a pretty way to do this if you ask me.

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Shopping Cart using Script.aculo.us

By: OSH Editorial    In: AJAX Prototype Script.aculo.us Tutorials


This workshop we will be building a shopping cart that’s Ajax powered. This will be a drag and drop shopping cart using the Script.aculo.us JavaScript library. We will also be using PHP on the back end to store the user’s shopping cart in sessions.

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TableKit, a collection of HTML table enhancements

By: OSH Editorial    In: Prototype Tables


TableKit is a collection of HTML table enhancements using the Prototype framework. TableKit currently implements row striping, column sorting, column resizing and cell editing using Ajax.

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Starbox, a pretty rating stars system for Prototype

By: OSH Editorial    In: Poll Prototype Script.aculo.us


Starbox allows you to easily create all kinds of rating boxes using just one PNG image. The library is build on top of the Prototype javascript framework. For some extra effects you can add Scriptaculous as well. Check the demos below to see what Starbox is all about and read on for more information on how to customize your own Starboxes.

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ModalBox, an easy way to create popups and wizards

By: OSH Editorial    In: Popup Prototype Script.aculo.us


ModalBox is a JavaScript technique for creating modern (Web 2.0-style) modal dialogs or even wizards (sequences of dialogs) without using conventional popups and page reloads. It’s inspired by Mac OS X modal dialogs. And yes, it may also be useful for showing bigger versions of images.

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CoolTips, a lightweight tooltip

By: OSH Editorial    In: Prototype Tooltip


CoolTips is a lightweight unobtrusive JavaScript web-browser tooltips replacement technique.

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By: OSH Editorial    In: Forms Prototype


LiveValidation is a small open source javascript library for making client-side validation quick, easy, and powerful. It comprises of two main parts. Firstly, it provides developers with a rich set of core validation methods, which can also be used

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GlassBox – Better UI

By: OSH Editorial    In: Layout Prototype Script.aculo.us


GlassBox is a compact Javascript User Interface (UI) library, which use Prototype and Script.aculo.us for some effects. With GlassBox you can build transparent border, colorful layouts and “Flash-like” effects. The GlassBox library ..

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