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40 JavaScript lightbox scripts(included jQuery and MooTools)

By: OSH Editorial    In: Javascript MooTools Prototype Script.aculo.us jQuery


More an more sites are using(or going to use) JavaScript(library or plain) on there website(s). You probably dont see much of these javascript pieces, but one cool piece of JavaScript cant be missed, and it’s called a lightbox.

A JavaScript ligthbox is a fast growing way to present in a nice way an images or something else like inline html, video or an external site without opening a new window. In the old days most images(or other content) where presented in a new tab/window, which isn’t a pretty way to do this if you ask me.

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26 cool and useful jQuery tips, tricks & solutions

By: OSH Editorial    In: Javascript Tips and tricks jQuery


The use of the jQuery library is growing and growing(just released jQuery 1.4), more and more people are using this useful javascript library. This means that more and more useful jQuery tips, tricks and solutions are coming available. That’s why i created a small list of 26 cool and useful jQuery tips, tricks and solutions.

jQuery has a lot of very useful plugins that can help you with almost anything, but there are a couple of plugins that aren’t that smart to use, why? Well sometimes 1 or 2 lines of jQuery code can do the same thing(or even better), so why use a big script if you can do the same trick with a small piece of code.

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Cool animation, 2 images and a little bit of jQuery

By: OSH Editorial    In: Animations Tutorials jQuery


I created a v-card template a couple of weeks back, which had a simple but cool logo animation by using just 2 images and a small piece of jQuery code. Afther a lot of emails asking me how to create this simple but cool animation i decided to share this in a simple and basic tutorial.

A couple of years back you would use an animated gif or Flash for an animation like this one, but with some little help of jQuery this can be done very easy and quick.

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Airport, a information board text effect jQuery plugin

By: OSH Editorial    In: Javascript jQuery


I am always looking for nice and useful jQuery plugins. This time i found a nice one, airport is not a plugin that will be used by thousands of people like the jQuery cycle plugin. But this does not mean it’s not useful, you can probably use it voor a news ticker or some kind of advertisment. Take a look at the demo here.

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22 nice and useful php with jQuery tutorials

By: OSH Editorial    In: PHP Tutorials jQuery


I came across some nice and useful tutorials on the web about php in combination with the fast growing JavaScript library jQuery(te most of you know what php and jQuery is, if not go and click on the links that are blue). These tutorial include, twitter API, form validation, directory tree, slideshow, login and more nice stuff.

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Create astonishing iCal-like calendars with jQuery

By: OSH Editorial    In: Calendar Tutorials jQuery


According to my web designer experience, one of the most common requests from clients when it comes to Wordpress personalization, is to add a basic event calendar to their website.

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jScrollPane, a jQuery plugin

By: OSH Editorial    In: jQuery


jScrollPane is a jquery plugin which allows you to replace the browsers default vertical scrollbars on any block level element with an overflow:auto style. You can easily control the apperance of the custom scrollbars using simple CSS.

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imgPreview, a jQuery images tooltip

By: OSH Editorial    In: Images Tooltip jQuery


The ‘imgPreview’ plugin allows your users to preview an image before clicking on it and, out of necessity, will preload the image so when a user does click through to it there is no waiting time!

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Simpletip, a jQuery tooltip

By: OSH Editorial    In: Tooltip jQuery


Simpletip is a plugin for the popular jQuery JavaScript library. It allows you to create tooltips with ease on any element on the page using the power of jQuery’s selectors and event management.

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Lazy loader, a jQuery plugin

By: OSH Editorial    In: Images jQuery


Lazy loader is a jQuery plugin written in JavaScript. It delays loading of images in (long) web pages. Images outside of viewport (visible part of web page) wont be loaded before user scrolls to them. This is opposite of image preloading.

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