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Graphical User Interface (GUI) resources for mobile devices

By: OSH Editorial    In: Apple Google Illustrator Photoshop Resources


The number of mobile devices (smartphone’s and tablets) are growing fast, Apple has sold more than 8 million ipads, and more then 50 million iphones. Google OS called Android is also growing fast, there are more than 8 million android users.

The newest kind of mobile device is the tablet. This kind of device is gaining a lot of terrain now, so a lot of big companies have announced that they will come with there own tablet, which have a OS like Windows Phone 7 or a own OS.

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Google Buzz released, their answer to facebook and twitter?

By: OSH Editorial    In: Google Tools


Yesterday Google lanched there newest tool called Buzz. Google Buzz makes it possible to follow online activities of your friends on other websites within your Gmail account. Users can follow with Google Buzz, Twitter updates, blogger posts or Flickr pictures of there friends. For now it’s not possible to use Google Buzz to update services like Twitter, but Google says that they are working on that.

Users can set there Buzz messages to public or private, which is very useful because public messages will be displayed on your Google profile and these public messages will be index by Google, so if you dont want that, you can set the message to private.

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Google analytics API launched

By: OSH Editorial    In: Announcement Google


A couple of day’s ago Google finally launched the API of there free analytics program. There where a lot of people waiting for this API but now it’s available for everyone.

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Google’s appsstatus, check the status of the Google apps

By: OSH Editorial    In: Google Tools


A couple of weeks ago the unthinkable happened, Google’s Gmail went offline for a couple of hours, you didn’t excpect that a big company as google has a product that goes offline for some technical problem.

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Social Graph API, build critical mass on your website

By: OSH Editorial    In: API Google


With so many websites to join, users must decide where to invest significant time in adding their same connections over and over. For developers, this means it is difficult to build successful web applications that hinge upon a critical mass of users for content and interaction.

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Google Ad Manager

By: OSH Editorial    In: Advertisement Google Tools


Google Ad Manager is a hosted ad management solution that can help you sell, schedule, deliver, and measure all of your directly-sold and network-based inventory.

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