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Interview with Reaper Media

By: AdamGold    In: Inspiration Interview

Karma - Responsive bootstrapped webapp

Our first interview is with Reaper-media. Reaper-media is a web designer / developer from the UK who is well-known in the Envato marketplace community for his work in the flash based e-world chat and his job as an codecanyon forum moderator.

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Q: Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Sam. Some of you may know me as Reaper-Media, or just Reaper. I’ve been interested in anything related to technology since I could crawl. I was forever pulling plugs out of sockets and getting tangled up in wires. A few years back I discovered this thing called web design. And have been hooked ever since. I love to develop on almost anything, and if there’s a platform/language I don’t know – I learn it.

Q: What was the first marketplace you visited and when was it?

I discovered ActiveDen (FlashDen Back Then) when I was doing my work experience, in the summer of 2008. I was amazed by the files that were on there, the talent and the effort that had gone into them just astounded me… so I had to sign up.


Q: You are a moderator on CodeCanyon. Why did you want to be a CodeCanyon moderator and not ActiveDen, where you sell your items?

I decided to apply for community moderator for both ActiveDen and CodeCanyon at the same time (I officially applied to become an ActiveDen moderator but I also noted my interest in CodeCanyon), I knew that I had a decent chance at getting the position due to the fact that I spent way too much time on the forums. I was interested in items from both the marketplaces, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to apply for both. I also currently in the process of developing items for CodeCanyon, as I’ve been developing my skills in php, html, css, js etc.

Q: What does your day consist of with the whole moderation factor?

Well CodeCanyon does not have the most active forum of all the Envato Marketplaces, so moderating the forums doesn’t put that much strain on my daily routine. To be honest, I probably don’t use the forums any more than if I wasn’t a moderator. I am all for the community, being a moderator only means I can help the community that little bit more effectively.

Q: You are a great Flash developer. When was the first time you started to use Flash and how did you discover it?

Firstly Thanks for the compliment. I first used flash about 5 years ago. I first discovered flash when I used to play flash games online, I just had to find out what you needed to create these awesome interactive works of art. So I did, I researched into it, started talking to mates at school about it, and that’s when an older friend told me he had a full license which he wasn’t using so he gave it to me. And I started experimenting, and that led onto what I know now.

Q: What motivated you to create E-world with Digitalscience? There are other chats for Envato members, what was the factor that made you create this application?

Well… I loved the first release of E-World (formerly Envato World), all it was at the time was a flash file which loaded the xml data of all the registered characters (which were submitted to digitalscience over email via a form). There were so many comments… many warmed to the idea of a big multiplayer game where users can walk around and chat etc. and the idea sort of died out. Then a few months back I started thinking about E-World, I thought I could turn it into something quite awesome, there could be mobile versions. It could be “the” chat room for marketplace users. The current chat rooms to be honest were not really up to scratch and seemed to die down quite easily. So I decided to contact digitalscience, and we re-started the project.


Q: Lastly, what is your tip for the beginner Flash developers and the new ActiveDen / CodeCanyon authors?

I’d say for anyone starting out at any of the marketplaces… just put something together and upload it… You probably won’t get accepted at first… but that’s actually a good thing. The reviewers criticizing your work actually makes you a better author. And another thing; just practice, practice, practice; you can never have enough practice. Try as many tutorials as you can find, http://www.gotoandlearn.com/ has some really good video tutorials for flash, and http://www.w3schools.com/ is perfect to start you out on other we technologies.

Thank you Sam for answering my questions! Good luck on CodeCanyon & E-world!

Written by: AdamGold

I am Adam, an expert freelancer developer & web designer. I develop XHTML/CSS, PHP, JS (jQuery, AJAX) for over 3 years now. You can check out my portfolio here.

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Mark Dijkstra

August 25, 2010

Nice interview Adam!


August 25, 2010

Thank you very much Mark :)

Sam (Reaper-Media)

September 3, 2010

Awesome it’s up!!! Nice website by the way adam! :-)

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