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A collection of cool Mootools plugins

By: OSH Editorial    In: Framework Javascript MooTools

Karma - Responsive bootstrapped webapp

After a lot of jQuery posts it’s time for an almost forgotten framework, Mootools. jQuery is more popular at this moment because it’s easier to use than Mootools, but Mootools is still a very powerfull javascript framework. Mootools is a good and useful framework but more for the javascript developer.

This collection of Mootools plugins contains some pretty cool and very useful stuff. A collection of Mootools menu plugins can be found here.

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If you know some useful Mootools plugins please share theme with use and drop them in the comments below



FancyForm is a powerful checkbox replacement script used to provide the ultimate flexibility in changing the appearance and function of HTML form elements. It’s accessible, easy to use and degrades gracefully on all older, non-supporting browsers.

Website | Demo



Mootools lightbox clone.

Website | Demo


AutoGrow Textarea MooTools Plug-In

AutoGrow Textarea is a mooTools plugin that expands a textarea as the user types in text.

Website | Demo


Rabid Ratings

RabidRatings is a simple but eye-caching ratings system which allows users to your website to rate virtually anything. Installation is easy—simply tell the PHP script how to connect to your database and include the PHP tag where you want to have a ratable item, and everything else is done for you.

Website | Demo



SlideItMoo is a banner rotator, article spinner and image slider ( carousel ) developed with MooTools 1.2. Differences from the first version are the fact that the image slider now supports continuous sliding when navigating, offers the possibility to set how the slider will slide ( from left or from right ) when used with the auto slide feature on, offers the possibility to give it the item width ( width of the slider’s items ) and let it display the elements according to that width and the visible items parameter.

Website | Demo



RokSlideshow is a mootools powered JavaScript slideshow that allows you to quickly and easily display a selection of images and transition between them. The slideshow itself is very flexible and easily customizable and offers a great alternative to flash-based solutions.

Website | Demo



FormCheck is a class that allows you to perform different tests on form to validate them before submission.

Website | Demo


Mootools Slider With Two Knobs (Double Pinned Slider) with Range Indicator

Mootools Slider With Two Knobs (Double Pinned Slider) with Range Indicator.

Website | Demo


MooTools Auto Captioning Images

MooTools Auto Captioning Images.

Website | Demo



TableGear is a software package for working with data on the web. It is designed get your data into a web page, and let you work with it quickly and easily, the way you would in powerful desktop applications like Excel.

Website | Demo


iPhone Checkboxes

One of the sweet user interface enhancements provided by Apple’s iPhone is their checkbox-slider functionality. Thomas Reynolds recently released a jQuery plugin that allows you to make your checkboxes look like iPhone sliders. Here’s how to implement that functionality using the beloved MooTools JavaScript framework.

Website | Demo


Rounded Corners

Creates rounded corners on divs.

Website | Demo



A mouse gesture library written soley in javascript with power and flexiblity to mould itself for you. Implemented on Mootools following the Object Oriented standards. Library is aimed to set out a future framework for mouse guesters for any browser including modern mobile devices.

Website | Demo



Based on Lightbox, Slimbox, and the Mootools javascript library, mediaboxAdvanced is a modal overlay that can handle images, videos, animations, social video sites, twitter media links, inline elements, and external pages with ease.

Website | Demo


Queued Photo Uploader

Don’t think that the uploader can handle only images! But since this showcase is called “Queued Photo Uploader”, the selectable file-types are limited to images. Check the showcase JavaScript shown under this paragraph for more options.

Website | Demo



An online image cropping tool for your website.

Website | Demo



Based on ajax, this small widget allows to integrate many many bookmarks for every post on your blog, website etc. By clicking the mooSocialize button, a window will appear, which lets you choose your favorite network. Having a thumbnail of each service beside the link, it’s easy to see and find the one of your liking.

Website | Demo

Written by: OSH Editorial

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May 19, 2010

Pfffft.. Let’s just say jQuery won.

Mark Dijkstra

May 19, 2010

LOL, i agree, i am a jQuery fan, but i had a lot of requests about mootools ;)


May 28, 2010

The right place to search for MooTools “plugins” or actually classes is the Forge – http://mootools.net/forge – this one shows some really outdated plugins, not even compatible with the latest MooTools version. (i.e. rounded corners).
Please Mark, if you’d a jQuery fan ask a MooTools fan to guest post.

Paul Spencer

May 28, 2010

Don’t forget about http://jxlib.org, a UI framework built on top of mootools!


May 28, 2010

Mootools will always be the winner! I can’t imagine my life without it…


May 28, 2010

MooTools is more about providing an OOP application framework that supports creating and maintaining highly sophisticated web applications than providing easy-plug-and go solutions for websites.

I enjoy using jQuery – it’s a refreshing change of pace, in terms of simplicity, when compared to frameworks like Dojo or Prototype. If you need an image carousel, and you aren’t going to use it over and over again on the same site with multiple configuration changes, then jQuery might be for you.

But if you plan on re-using, extending, and configuring your code so that it can be generally applied over many different circumstances, then I would recommend looking at mooTools.

I haven’t seen most of these plugins – thanks for sharing them.

Mark Dijkstra

May 28, 2010


I know that these arn’t the newst plugins, but on a search for mootools stuff i came a cross, well not much. It all jQuery now. But i do allow guest posts so…..

Thomas Aylott

May 29, 2010


MooTools and jQuery play very well together.
No need to choose.

Though I do greatly prefer MooTools personally.


May 30, 2010

Greg Huston’s Canvas Window Mocha UI

José Prado

Oldie but Goodie: Jon’s Smooth Gallery:

Let’s not forget jsFiddle:
// not really a plugin, or class,
// but still awesome and still mootools.

Mark Dijkstra

May 31, 2010

@chase: Thanks!

Jay Carlson

May 31, 2010

MooTools has never had “plugins” — that’s a jQuery term. But you’re right; there’s about a bazillion jQuery image gallery slideshow plug-ins floating around the tubes, and not nearly as many MooTools classes for that purpose.

But there’s good reason for that: Once one class has been written, it can be extended and manipulated to fit the developer’s needs.

A good MooTools class has plenty of initialization options. It has function callbacks. It has events. For example, why would you ever need more than one image slideshow class? Just start with Aaron Newton’s excellent SimpleSlideShow (http://www.clientcide.com/docs/Layout/SimpleSlideShow) and extend it to get what you want.

If you don’t use those design processes, and instead just use pre-written jQuery plug-ins, how would that accomplish your (and your clients’) specific design goals?

Is there any difference between using pre-made JavaScript code and using pre-made HTML/CSS templates, instead of writing code from scratch meeting a list of specifications?

I think your links offer great examples of what can be done with MooTools — I just hope readers spend time parsing the code and learning how it works, instead of just copying and pasting.


May 31, 2010

why this blog doesn’t let me post? :(


May 31, 2010

Here some of my favorites, I think they are all on the forge.
neat slideshow widget http://nouincolor.com/floom/1.0/Demos/
pretty animating boxes http://yetagain.net/plugins/fxpresets/demos/#boxes
Apple style product browser http://mootools.net/forge/p/scrollbar
everybody needs google maps nowadays http://holyshared.github.com/MMap/

Jeff Allen

June 1, 2010

Video Poker Machines written with Mootools:

Play for free at:


Mark Dijkstra

June 2, 2010

@Jeff Allen: Cool!!

Mark Dijkstra

June 2, 2010

@MILD: what do you mean with “why this blog doesn’t let me post?” ?


June 5, 2010

@Mark Dijkstra I’ve tried several times to post a few more links. I’m not sure if it has todo with the length of my reply. There seem to be other comments with same length with no problem.

Mark Dijkstra

June 5, 2010

@MILD : strange

Peter mooslem

July 12, 2010

jquery is for NO-JAVASCRIPT developer. so for .net bastards :)


August 9, 2010

Look this out a full multi-player poker made with mootools 1.2. Very cool interface and animation from Mootools


December 24, 2010

I love mootools:)


March 10, 2011

mouse gestuere with jquery. hmm..let me think…

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