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Coldfusion Hosting

By: Joanna Maria    In: Tips and tricks Tools

Karma - Responsive bootstrapped webapp

One of the more popular products for website developers today is ColdFusion. ColdFusion is an application server, meaning it allows users to create Internet applications for their web pages. This gives online business owners more control over their web design and web functionality and enhances user experience. ColdFusion uses CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language), a tag-based programming language similar to HTML or XML, but geared specifically to the ColdFusion applications.

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Using ColdFusion

Web developers looking for a flexible tool to create websites that pop and attract users will love ColdFusion. It’s easy to pick up, allows integrated debugging, Java and .NET integration and ZML processing and is ready to meet nearly any web application creation challenges a developer can dream up. These applications are easier to use and require fewer lines of code than other application software like PHP, JSP or ASP. Users will need two products, ColdFusion Application Server and ColdFusion Studio, as well as, of course, a web host for the applications they build with Cold Fusion.

ColdFusion Hosting for ColdFusion Applications

To use a web development tool like ColdFusion, you’ll need web hosting specifically geared towards the ColdFusion software. Fortunately, several web hosts offer just that. Check the list of featured ColdFusion hosts online and compare their offerings. ColdFusion hosting is generally done on shared servers, which means serious savings for the user. The right use of ColdFusion combined with the right web host can mean beautifully integrated web pages that grab traffic and keep users coming back for more time after time.

Written by: Joanna Maria

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