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Project2Manage, a free project management solution

By: OSH Editorial    In: Tools

Karma - Responsive bootstrapped webapp

A couple of weeks ago i decided to work in a more organized way, so i went on a search for a useful project managemt tool. On my search i came across a couple of well known project managementy tools like BaseCamp, Lighthouse and Springloops, all great tools but sadly not free (yes i am looking for a free tool). After lots of hours searching i finally found a project managent tool thats free. Project2Management is free to use and its almost the same like the paid versions on the web.

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Project2Management has lots of useful functions like, assign multiple levels of permission to different clients & users, manage your projects from anywhere, manage unlimited projects, post messages to keep everyone up to date, manage tasks with To-Do lists, create milestones to stay on task and lots more.

I think this is very useful project management solution, if your looking for a tool that is free.

notic: this isn’t a free tool anymore, but you still can get an free basic account here

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Written by: OSH Editorial

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Joey Sichol

June 5, 2009

Is “organiserd” like organizing for nerds? :)

The Hunter

June 6, 2009

@Joey Sichol -
lol ;)


July 28, 2009

Free is good, but I don’t like the advertising. Client might click on a competitor’s ad and you lose the account.

The Hunter

July 28, 2009

@Michell -
Thats true.


August 13, 2009

The site was actually just totally redesigned and is a lot better than the previous version.

The Hunter

August 14, 2009

@Joe -
I have seen it ;)


October 6, 2009

There’s a free plan version with limits and ads. It’s no Open Source :( .

The Hunter

October 6, 2009

@Oriole -
I know but its still cheap……..

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