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Clicky, a powerfull web 2.0 analyzer

By: OSH Editorial    In: AJAX Analytics Stats

Karma - Responsive bootstrapped webapp

Clicky is a web analyzer that works great with any web site, even Ajax and Flash sites. It was originally targeted towards smaller web sites and blogs because it tracks a high level of detail on every visitor, and these types of sites find this information very interesting.

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Since then, many additional features have been added to Clicky, such as the customizable dashboard full of Ajax love, and our amazing filtering interface that gives you actionable data on any subset of your visitors (see screenshots on the right hand side). These features, along with many others, make Clicky one of the best web analyzers on the planet.

See a demo here

Written by: OSH Editorial

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1 Comment

Gas Safety Certificate

August 27, 2011

Used with flash and everything works fine!

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