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By: OSH Editorial    In: AJAX Framework

Karma - Responsive bootstrapped webapp

SproutCore is a framework for building applications in JavaScript with remarkably little amounts of code. It can help you build full “thick” client applications in the web browser that can create and modify data, often completely independent of your web server, communicating with your server via Ajax only when they need to save or load data.

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JavaScript applications are faster, easier to use, and a lot easier to write that complicate Ajax-driven applications. When you use a framework that SproutCore to help you, they can also be a lot of fun to write.

SproutCore is a totally new way of building applications on the web. Instead of following the typical web-driven model where most interesting things happen in the server, SproutCore applications split the load. A SproutCore application is a JavaScript application that runs entirely in the web browser. It can often run on its own, without even needing support for a web server except when it makes sense for the application. This frees the server developer to focus on the things the server can do very well such as saving, restoring and aggregating data and performing expensive operations. Meanwhile the “thick” client running in the web browser can handle the task of presenting the user with a friendly interface that is fast and intuitive.

SproutCore includes visual widgets such as list views, button views, and forms – just like other JavaScript frameworks. But it also provides other functions such as an in-memory database (that can integrate with client-side offline storage), bindings, property observing, and controllers. The code you write with SproutCore will resemble a desktop app written in Cocoa more than it will a web application written in Rails.

SproutCore is designed to run on all modern major modern web browsers including:

  • Internet Explorer 7 (and 8 when released)
  • Firefox 2 and 3
  • Safari 3.1 and later

See a demo here

Written by: OSH Editorial

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June 19, 2019

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