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TYPO3, a Content Management Framework

By: OSH Editorial    In: CMS Framework

Karma - Responsive bootstrapped webapp

TYPO3 is a small to midsize enterprise-class Content Management Framework offering the best of both worlds: out-of-the-box operation with a complete set of standard modules and a clean and sturdy high-performance architecture accomodating virtually every kind of custom solution or extension.

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For authors, TYPO3 is a user-friendly, intuitive tool, allowing content editors to produce and maintain web pages, using sophisticated functions in just a few clicks of the mouse.

With TYPO3, everyone can participate in web-based communication and customer relations. Seamless integration of multimedia content types and dynamic server-side image manipulation and generation are among the numerous standard options inside this comprehensive toolbox for web-based communication. Also included is an internal messaging and workflow communication system for shared authoring and collaboration.

For administrators and content managers, TYPO3 features an extremely detailed user permissions system for implementing professional content creation and editing workflows. TYPO3 is a server-side platform-independent application that can be used with virtually every browser available.

Web developers and agencies will appreciate the complete separation of design and content. TYPO3 does not limit the design options expected by professional website designers and site redesigns are easily accommodated.

TYPO3 is database-driven and scales easily to deliver web pages and embedded formats in an enterprise content providing environment.

See a demo here

Written by: OSH Editorial

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November 4, 2008

The article already starts off wrong, in fact TYPO3 can be considered mid to large-size enterprise-class CMS, even sites like vmware.com are running it (although hidden pretty good)

The Hunter

November 4, 2008

@Ingo -
I know, many big companys are using typo3. Its a great cms but its not that easy.


Michael Cannon

March 8, 2009

We find TYPO3 to be a very tool for small businesses to enterprises needing everything from a single admin user to 100’s of backend users with varying roles using workspaces and versioning to manage content.

It does take a bit to learn TYPO3 from a developer and TYPO3 administrator type. However, clients interaction with TYPO3 is typically as an editor or publisher. As such, their training is usually handled within 30-minutes to several hours and maybe a few reminder calls or emails over the following month.

We’re proud to share our client listing at http://www.acqal.com/about-us/clients.html to demonstrate a wide range of everyday TYPO3 users.

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