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18 useful Cheat sheets

By: OSH Editorial    In: Tips and tricks

Karma - Responsive bootstrapped webapp

I found l couple of useful cheat sheets(no not gaming). I know there are many more on the web available but it’s a start. Notice that the most of the sheets are in PDF.

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Here is the list, Enjoy!

cakePHP: link to sheet

CSS: link to sheet

Django: link to sheet

HTML: link to sheet

JavaScript: link to sheet

jQuery: link to sheet

Microsoft SQL Server: link to sheet

MooTools: link to sheet

MySql: link to sheet

Perl: link to sheet

PHP: link to sheet

Prototype: link to sheet

Python: link to sheet

Ruby on Rails: link to sheet

XHTML: link to sheet

XML: link to sheet

XSL: link to sheet

XSLT: link to sheet

credit goes tot the makers of the sheets! Thanks for the work!

Written by: OSH Editorial

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October 25, 2008

nice work!

The Hunter

October 26, 2008

@balaji -


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