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Denook, a community of designers and clients

By: OSH Editorial    In: Design

Karma - Responsive bootstrapped webapp

Denook is a creative marketplace for designers to connect with clients through a crowdsourcing system of design contests and cash prizes. There are thousands of clients around the world where they like to see more than one idea applied to their presence. Wouldn’t you like to set your project in the hands of talented of designers with great ideas?

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If you are a client, you can launch a design contest and have our vast community of talented designers submit their designs. It’s as simple as setting up a description for your project, a deadline, and the cash prize you will be providing to the designers. Before you know it you will have your project be completed instantly!

If you are a designer, there is a list of projects waiting for you to enter and cash prizes offered by the contest holder (client). You increase your chances of winning by entering more contests, entering multiple entries, and applying the feedback that the client asks for.

The web is constantly changing and improving. There are thousands of freelancers in the market and overloaded with ideas. That’s why we started Denook – to give more opportunities and to create a unique experience!

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Written by: OSH Editorial

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Dutch master

October 17, 2008

very nice site!

The Hunter

October 18, 2008

@Dutch master -
I know ;)



October 18, 2008

wow, awesome site! i’m signing up.

The Hunter

October 18, 2008

@jennie -
Great idea ;)


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